Maths Tuition in Southport

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Frequently Asked Questions - Maths Tuition


Which areas do you cover?


I'm based in Churchtown and you'll find it quite accessible from Southport, Birkdale, Banks, Kew and surrounding areas.


Do you provide tuition for adults?


Yes, I provide tuition for any age group. Along with school children, I often have students who are returning to education and are required to sit Maths exams in order to pursue their careers.


How frequent are the sessions?


Generally, the tuition is received on a weekly basis. However, the students lessons can be tailored to their individual needs.


What is the minimum session time?


I feel that one hour is the optimum length for a tuition session, as this provides adequate time for students to achieve and maintain their concentration.


Do you offer special discounts?


Please contact me for details of cost. I offer incentives to my students if they refer a student, who takes up private tuition with me.





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